Want to Be a Biotech Hero/ine?

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At Ningaloo Biosytems GmbH, we are looking for people whose hearts beat for creating novel biotechnology solutions, and who believe that their ideas can become products that help people live better lives.

Do you want to be part of turning a new paradigm in biopharmaceutical manufacturing into reality?

What makes YOU tick? We look forward to learning about what is driving you!

Research and Development Bio-Scientist/ Bio-Engineer (F/M/D)-Fulltime/Parttime
Female Research Scientist with Bioengineer Working on a Personal Computer with Screen Showing DNA Analysis Software User Interface. Scientists Developing Vaccine, Drugs and Antibiotics in Laboratory

Motivated to create cell culture control systems for revolutionary bioprocessing solutions? Read more

Research and Development Engineer/ Technician for Mechanics and Electronics (F/M/D) - Fulltime/Parttime
Mid adult female electrician working on circuit board at desk in industry

Interested in device development for innovative bio-digital cell culture control using light? Read more

As we plan to continue growing, we also welcome your unsolicited application indicating your interests and key qualifications.

Submit your application as a PDF file to: join@ningaloo.bio