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Unprecedented Possibilities by Controlling Cells with Light

The development molecular photoswitches inside living cells has given rise to completely new options to influence processes inside living cells – using a new methodology called optogenetics. To date, optical control of processes as diverse as controlling membrane potentials, cellular signaling, protein translocation, and gene expression have been shown [for review see 2,3].

While a plethora of new possibilities arise from applying this novel technology, for general cell culture-based approaches only basic do-it-yourself solutions have been published so far (see e.g. the seminal paper by Gerhardt et al.*).

  1. *Gerhardt, K.P. et al., “An open-hardware platform for optogenetics and photobiology”, Scientific Reports | 6:35363 | DOI: 10.1038/srep35363, 2016
  2. De Mena et al., “Bringing Light to Transcription: The Optogenetics Repertoire”, Frontiers in Genetics 9, article 518, 2018
  3. Rost et al., “Optogenetic Tools for Subcellular Applications in Neuroscience”, Neuron 96:572-603, 2017
Our Approach: Providing High-Quality Systems for Starting the Revolution

We are committed to develop solutions that enables precisely controlled optical control for optogenetic experiments and processes for the most common cell culture formats on one platform, providing full scalability.

Not only does our multi-format technology for optogenetics offer flexibility, it will be the basis for all upscaling approaches by ensuring transferability results from lab to production system.

Stay tuned to explore how.

Interested in cooperation opportunities?

Your specific needs as a scientist are important to us, whether you are researching molecular light-controlled systems or using optogenetics as a tool to study cellular processes.

Feel free to contact us and suggest aspects that would be helpful for your particular projects via:

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