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The Power
of Opto-Bioproduction

Enabling NextGen Drugs With Light

We will help biopharma companies reduce costs and improve reliability and quality in the production of the next generation of biological medicines by using photons as a means to control parameters such as:

Product Output
Protein Activity & Quality
Purity and Reduction of Side Products

We Use Synthetic Biology to Convert Cells into Light-Controlled Machines

01. Enabling Novel Drugs

Millions of patients could benefit if only there were viable production methods for the most complex biotherapeutics in clinical pipelines.

02. Economic Efficiency

For most complex next-generation biopharmaceuticals, production costs to date make these lifesavers prohibitively expensive, with a single therapeutic dose sometimes costing more than one million US dollars. With our optogenetic approach, we will help make production substantially more cost-effective.

03. Reach Industry 4.0 Standards

As an enabling technology, Ningaloo´s proprietary bio-digital platform will pave the way for advanced curing options in areas as diverse as cancer, immunology, gene therapy or neurodegenerative disease therapies.

04. Boosting Output with Opto-Bioproduction

Advances in optogenetics and synthetic biology will make it possible to boost both bioproduction quality and yield in making the most promising upcoming drugs: next gen biopharmaceuticals.

05. Real Time Control of Cell-Based Processes

Photoswitches inside living cells can be used to optically control processes as diverse as membrane potentials, cellular signal transduction, protein translocation or gene expression. We will use this wealth of new possibilities to control bioproduction processes at different levels.

06. Upscaling

One of the biggest challenges in biopharma is scaling up from microliter scale to hundreds of liters when moving from R&D to process development and finally to commercial production of a biopharmaceutical drug. With our opto-bioproduction systems, we aim to provide dynamic and precise real-time process control across the different culture formats, while ensuring improved scalability.


The Ingredients: Experience, Curiosity, Endurance & Skill

The Founders

The two founders of Ningaloo Biosystems have decades of technical and management experience with deep insights into biopharma operations and have already brought market-leading life science products from idea conception to commercialization.

The molecular biologist Dr. Herbert Müller-Hartmann is a dynamic life science management and strategy professional with 20+ years of experience from startup to large enterprise environments with a background in research and development in the bioprocessing and biotechnology industry.

Dr. Hanns-Martin Schmidt, a molecular biologist and life science generalist has spent 20+ years in research & development covering tumor virology, gene transfer and protein analytics as well as startup & entrepreneurship in biotechnology, combined with substantial experience as an industry filmmaker & digital media producer.

The two scientists founded Ningaloo Biosystems GmbH in 2020 to unleash the potential of optogenetic tools as quickly as possible in the field of biopharmaceuticals.


Check out the latest news from the Ningaloo world.

Ningaloo Awarded Medalist at BioRiver Boost! Startup Competition

Ningaloo Awarded Medalist at BioRiver Boost! Startup Competition

Ningaloo Biosystems was awarded third place at the prestigious annual Boost! life-science startup competition event at Bayer Life Hub in Monheim, Germany. For the tenth time in a row, the annual European start-up competition BioRiver Boost! awarded the three best young companies.
Ningaloo receives third-party funding for research cooperation with the University of Bonn

Ningaloo receives third-party funding for research cooperation with the University of Bonn

Ningaloo today announced that the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Change (BMWK) will provide substantial funding for a collaboration with the research group of Prof. Dagmar Wachten from the Institute of Innate Immunity at the University of Bonn for the next 3 years.
Ningaloo Welcoming New Team Members

Ningaloo Welcoming New Team Members

Ningaloo co-founders Hanns-Martin Schmidt and Herbert Müller-Hartmann today expressed their delight to welcome two new colleagues to the Ningaloo Biosystems team.

Complete Solutions from R&D to Production

With the possibilities of optogenetic systems to orchestrate and custom tailor gene expression and cellular signaling, Ningaloo Biosystems will develop turnkey solutions consisting of both the needed biological as well as optoelectronic components,  fulfilling as well as going way beyond recent bioindustry standards.

Cell lines, expression vectors, hardware & software
GMP Compliance
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